Etienne by Spell Designs

Lotus Drop One – Etienne

June 2017


Lotus by Spell - Etienne

Lotus was inspired by the trade routes of old ~ centuries ago merchants who traveled across the lands brought spices and luxurious fabrics from the East… and we were intrigued by the eclectic and worldly style that must have been sparked by these treasures…

Set in a beautiful ancient mansion outside of Paris, muse Lindsey Wixson steps into character, embodying an almost other worldly presence, trapped between centuries of beauty and history… She skips and twirls playfully through the ancient rooms, telling us a story of a woman still lively with the spirit of her girlhood, lonely, wondering and mysterious.



Our pick from the range is the absolutely beautiful Lotus Strappy Gown.

Elegant, and sophisticated - we can see this dress easily at home wandering the old towns of Italy, swirlling our feet through the sands of the Islands, or entertaining at an afternoon BBQ at home.

This beautiful emerald green is a show stopper with a pink lippie, and gold accessories.

Andrew Simpson