ROSA - Winter Range by Spell Designs

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Spell Designs ROSA

May 2018

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Taking us to dreamy places we'd never thought existed in the icy breezes of chilling Winter.  This incredible range is broken up into two beautiful original prints, Delirium and floral Rosa.

Whimsical and feminine these two exclusive styles collide in what could be our favourite Spell range to date.

We are proud to showcase our Spell styled pieces from our Fall & Winter campaign shot with our incredibly talented Tosca family member Carly Brown. 

Forever inspiring, the beauty of her natural style shows in awe throughout this shoot. She has a special, magical way behind the camera that has on occasion brought me to tears.  I can't thank her enough for always bringing my vision to life.

Beautiful Bee and stunning Laura - these girls were the ying to each others yang.  They showcased this range perfectly. Each possessing a different quality I can see our Spell customer having.  Fun & Flirty yet Mature and Strong.   Enjoy this wonderful look book and range for Winter.





New pieces in this range include delicate evening wear - the Luna Mesh gown is sure to stop traffic.  I loved the way Bee  snubbed my idea of heels for her Doc Boots. It was a match made in heaven.


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The Floaty Delirium range is an ode to the vintage inspired Spell Customer. This was brought to life in the Tongariro pass layered with our Wintery chill.

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90s Inspired Shapes & Prints

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The Rosa Play Dress (above) is a favourite! We have layered here with our versatile Cameo Cashmere, the reversible Sherpa Vest, & our Gerald Boots, making a chic look for inner city wear.

The beautiful strappy mini dress (Bee wears below) we love for a number of ways to wear. Over denim, stockings, socks & boots & knits. Or of course, when the weather is warmer no matter the month it's a cute little easy breezy mini dress that can be easily teamed with slide or wedges.


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