Countdown to Coachella


Coachella 2018

Your Essentials Guide



You've booked your tickets, seen the line up.. now time to get sorted!  Firstly - where to stay?

Coachella is hailed as taking part in Palm Springs, California - when in reality, it is in fact quite a trek from here. 

The small town of Indio hosts the location of the festival, around an hours drive (without traffic) from the beautiful Palm Springs.  Here lands your first speed bump - what are you looking for in your accomodation?

Palm Spring, hands down in one of my favourite cities in California.  Beautiful, incredible mid century architecture (to die for in fact) Hundreds of some of the worlds best golf courses, Coachella pre and after parties,  vintage stores that would make any fashion hoarder fall over and that's not even the start!  This place is not only a holiday destination in it's own right, but if you're looking for restaurants, places to hang, and a real experience then Palm Springs is for you. Whether you choose air bnb, 5 star hotels or some of the cheaper budget accomodation you will always find something to do here. BUT - be warned.  The drive into Coachella is an hour at least. You'll need either a sober driver, or an uber driver sorted to make the day run smoothly.  While there are buses available, book in advance.   Another thing to be wary of is leaving the party - the Uber line can hold waits up to 2 hours at the end of the night (making a quick exit perhaps a little earlier a good option if you're in a hurry).  Don't forget to hold that last glass before you leave if you're thinking you'll need a pit stop!

Indio, in contrast - is right in amongst the action (of the festival that is - but not much else!)  You can bike to Coachella within minutes, no need for a car or an uber. But you'll have to book in advance, this is a small quiet town. Not home to any of the infamous clubs, bars or famous residences such as it's flashy neighbour Palm Springs.  While you can pick up some great air bnb's, you'll be confined here during the day if you don't want to go to the festival early.



As mentioned, Coachella is one big fashion show! Dress to impress, pack all your best outfits.  Boho inspired wears are key to this festival, and have fun!

Scarf or Bandana - YES IT GET DUSTY! Dust in your eyes, your ears, everywhere. You'll need this over your mouth especially when the wind picks up. Trust us, this is one thing you do not want to forget.

Sunglasses & Sunscreen - The desert heat is relentless. You won't want to be in the sweltering heat of the day without either of these.

Denim Shorts - Festival Essentials.  Mix these with sandals, ankle boots and wedges around the pool. Team with a cute little bodysuit, oversized shirt or over your swim.

Kimono or Duster - One of the best accessories to match with your denim shorts or playsuit outfit, keeps the sun off your shoulders during the day and keeps you a little warmer once that sun sets.  Yes it does get colder at night!

Metallic Tattoo's & Costume Jewellery - Makes any outfit pop! Have fun with your outfit and layer these on baby.

Cocktail or Party Dress - The fashion show doesn't stop at the festival - You may not wear this at the festival, but there are LOADS of pre parties and cocktail lounges in Palm Springs that you'll want to look a million dollars in during the nights surrounding the event.



The Heat - One thing about Palm Spring is it is hot!  During the day if you're not at the festival, head to the ACE Hotel in downtown Palm Springs.

Our favourite retro hotel offers a diner to die for, cocktail lounge bar and incredible pool area that hosts the best day parties and after function dining options.  Spot celebrities here during weekend 1, and don't forget to get insta happy at the iconic entry sign.

Palm Springs is home to some of the best vintage shopping I have ever seen.  From glitzy 50's movie star sequin dresses, to fabulous 70's patterned maxi's, take a trip down Palm Canyon Drive and pick yourself up some vintage designer goods - who knows who could have worn them once?

Bring your clubs?  Palm Springs is home to over 124 Golf Clubs and Country Clubs.  Tee off in front of Ricky Martin or the Walt Disney family home.  Welcome the drinks trolley on the 9th hole or spot your favourite NBA player having a pool party around the course.  If you go to Palm Springs, it most likely you're a golfer.  Check out the incredible mid century architecture around the course.

Go Cruising - the increible 50's mid century architecturally designed homes do not get any better.  Cruise the streets to get inspired by their designs, or with any luck you've rented on one AirBNB.

Taking the kids? You'll live in the pool, and enjoy the amazing Living Desert Zoo just north of Palm Springs. Home to Jaguar, Giraffe's, and the best mini train set we have ever seen in our lives, this is one trip you wont' want to miss no matter your age.





Bex Riley